About Us

Our slogan is ” We raise QUALITY not QUANTITY”. We love our corgis and raising loveable corgis is our goal. We are the home of Missouri loveable low riders.

I started when I was 10 years old helping our family with their kennels. I grew up loving animals of all kinds. Corgis became my love. There is just something about a corgi and for all those who have or had corgis knows what us corgi lovers are talking about. We take pride in our babies and treat them just like they are our children. We believe in QUALITY NOT QUANTITY. We do not sell to pet stores. Pet stores do support puppy mills. I have researched this and this is a fact. Our puppies are not scared of humans, they are raised in our home and are around human affection at all times.

Where are we?

We live in southwest Missouri.  We love living here. We are close to Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. We have so much to do around here.

Contact Us

Temporary email address Dlkocher67@outlook.com this is due to me switching to a new hosting site.
Due to scammers I will no longer post my phone number. Please contact me thru email.