Corgi Puppies For Sale

Payments are processed only thru Square. All payments except cash will have a processing fee. Fees are not deducted from any prices given. There is a fee to process all payments.

PRICES ARE NOT LISTED ON WEBSITE DUE TO THEY CAN CHANGE AND ITS AT BREEDER’S DISCRETION. FLIGHTS ARE ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND NEVER SET IN PLACE.  ONLY for IN the 48 states. I do not sell nor fly into Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Canada and Alaska are NOT included in this price, contact me for the additional price. Prices are ONLY with using American or Delta Airlines, keep in mind United Airlines prices are more.

I prefer to sell as pets only however this is at my discretion and you must be already been an established breeder. I am seeing WAY to many backyard breeders popping up that only sees dollar signs and DOES NOT test nor do they provide as many vaccines as I do.

To book with United I have to allow 6 days for them to receive all paperwork. United has the 6 day rule not the breeder. The first day does not count when I have submitted the request, it starts on the next working day. Breeder has reserved the right to pick the best way to receive your puppy whether it’s ground or air.

IF I travel to meet this is at Breeder’s discretion for price and what the puppy will come with. If I do not have to travel across state lines the puppies will not come with a Rabies vaccine when of age. If I travel they will come with a Rabies vaccine. If you advised me that you prefer for me not to provide them one and I am traveling across state lines your request is denied.  Price for me to travel is NOT posted.

Please note:

If your final payment can not be processed, there are boarding and late fees will be paid prior to any flight or ground is taken place.


When inquiring and speaking to me about certain puppies to please keep in mind that there are other people who are inquiring at the same time. Remember its first person who puts the deposit down. Even if we are speaking about the puppy.  Also that Nanny services/Canada/Alaska are not included in the sale.


See page for waiting list terms and conditions

What your puppy will receive:

AKC PET registered papers, This is a recommended neuter and spayed contract sale. NO BREEDING OR SHOWING IS ALLOWED. Papers will be marked Limited, NO exceptions.

Grandparents and Parents are Genetic tested by me or the previous breeders I have purchased from, I go by parentage.

Tails docked and dewclaws have been removed by our vet

What I provide NOT by my vet:

Vaccines/De Wormed/ Medications/Heartworm Prevention pill/Flea/Tick Prevention Pill in season only/Micro Chipping as a curiosity.

Vet issued health certification will be ONLY if the puppy needs to be flown, will not receive one if meeting us. THIS IS DONE BY MY VET.

Puppies are vet checked by the time they are 8 weeks old or older. WILL TAKE THEM FOR THEIR VET CHECK BUT THIS IS ONLY A VET CHECK

Rabies vaccine if the puppy is at the time of inspection is 12 weeks or older and if flown will be given a Rabies vaccine by our vet, if not flown and is meeting us in public will not be given one. If you wish for them to have a rabies vaccine before we meet in public, the fee that will be charged is $30.00, payable to the breeder. THIS IS THE ONLY VACCINE GIVEN BY MY VET AT PROPER AGE.

Crate if flown, if flown with a Nanny service NO CRATE

If you wish to have the parents/grandparents pedigrees you may purchase them thru AKC. I recommend you to purchase the 5 generations. I will no longer be emailing the parents/grandparents pedigrees thru emails.

Please Read Before Purchasing A Puppy:
For updated photos its easier to put them on my Facebook page so please visit my Facebook page at KPPK “AKA” Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels to view the most recent updated photos.






PER Contracts/ sales are now are written as LIMITED/PET REGISTRATION ONLY. Review under Terms and Conditions on what needs to be done and the time frame to receive your AKC Limited Pet registration. This will also be in your contract. Please do not ask for your contract before you have made your nonrefundable deposit. You will be referred to the Terms and Conditions section on my website.  These are AKC babies. FULL registration is NO longer allowed as stated above unless I have chosen my self to sell as one. Prices and photos will be determined when they are about 3 weeks old or older. I have reserved the right to charge whatever price I chose to charge at the time they are born. I do not have a set price.

Available litters or even coming soon litters.

Please go to my Facebook page to view photos of litters.  It is easier to load them onto my Facebook than my website. My page is KPPK “AKA” Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels. 

Fun photos of Past Litters:

Contact Us:

Due to scammers, I will no longer post my phone number on here. Please send a email.


I, Diann Kocher/Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/KPPK LLC, have reserved the right to modify, change, delete, add to the post at any given time or even the amounts/package deals if any or offered.  I have also reserved the right to change the price of the puppy at any given time or to add transportation into the sale price of the puppy.  If I have already sold you a puppy and I then change my prices or package deals for transportation for other buyers, this will not apply to our sale between us.  What I have contracted between us is our price and our terms and conditions and will not apply to my new prices or sales. I have reserved the right to price my babies due to what the market is doing.