Fees & Expenses


Processing fees/regular fees/expenses are to be determined by the breeder.

All payments received thru Square will have a 5% processing fee added to each payment. Fees are not deducted from any prices given. There is a fee to process all payments.

Breeder will notify you of the total amount owed which I will have fees added in the final bill.

Boarding fees:

Day 1 thru day 7 is $100.00 add $5.00 for processing fee. I am not a boarding facility but if you can not pick up the puppy on the date that I have set as the flight date I will only hold for up to 7 days and a new invoice thru Square will be sent out for payment to be paid prior to the new flight date. NO more than 7 days allowed. Payments for not going thru on the final date will also apply to this fee. Anything longer than 7 days will void the sale and everything already paid to the breeder will not be refunded back to the new owner and will not be applied to a new sale. If the flight it’s self had to be rescheduled due to weather or they missed their connection flight and the airlines changed the flight on the breeder I will not charge the boarding fee, this is the only exception, not because you the new owner did not like the date set by the breeder. Flights are set by the breeder not the new owner.


$25.00/$5.00 PER DAY AFTER THE FIRST $25.00 HAS BEEN NOTED. To avoid late fees, return the contract by date stated in contract. The late fee is stated as $25.00 for the 1st day and $5.00 each day after you have not returned it. Returning it thru Facebook message or text is consider to be late. Forging the date on the contract to reflect it was signed on time but scanned in late is still consider to be late and fees will apply in a separate email thru Square to be paid OR if you do sign it on time but scan it in late there is still a late fee. There will be no exceptions

Fees for not  making the final payment on time:

Breeder will notify you of the total amount owed which I will have fees added in the final bill. $50.00/$10.00 PER DAY AFTER THE FIRST $50.00 HAS BEEN NOTED. To avoid late fees, final payment to be paid by date stated in contract. The late fee is stated as $50.00 for the 1st day and $10.00 each day after you have not made the payment. You will also be charged $100.00 add $5.00 for processing fees for boarding for rescheduling the flight due to non payment. After the 7th day with no payment received for final payment, late fees, and boarding the sale will be void and all monies paid to breeder will be forfeited to the breeder. NO monies pre paid to the breeder will be towards another sale. If this causes the puppy to be 12 weeks old, the new owner will be responsible for a rabies vaccine at the expense of $30.00 which can be sent in a separate email by Square. Only if this is due to a delay.


Not listed, Breeder’s decision for flight or ground. Flight comes with a crate and Ground transportation companies will not. This is not listed due to the market can change and the cost of flight or travel can vary. Each litter is a different price and can be lowered if the breeder is running a special. Once the special is done the breeder then has reserved the right to go back to the other price or change the price at any given time. The ONLY time the price will be locked in is when a deposit has been paid and a contract has been signed.


Not listed due to market or if the breeder will run specials. Its a breeder’s discretion.

Please remember that the buyers that are on my waiting list, your price is locked in what is stated in our contracts. The prices that I have on here will not be your price.  A Nanny services/Canada/Alaska are not included in the sale.


$100.00 5% will be added for processing fees for nonrefundable deposit thru Square. This is only valid for up to 6 litters offered, no exceptions. If you do not pick a corgi by the time your 6 litters is up you will have to repurchase another deposit to be on the waiting list.  Refer to waiting list section for more info. 

If I have to travel to meet you father than Joplin MO then I will let you know what I will be charging for those.

Breeder’s discretion to charge what I wish as far as traveling. If the puppy has to cross state lines and they are over the age of 12 weeks old I will provide them with a Rabies vaccine. NO exceptions to this rule even if you asked to give it your self. This goes the same for the Micro Chip. You are not allowed to provide this yourself or your vet. The only exception is if the puppy is under 12 weeks old and can not have the Rabies vaccine yet. 

It is up to the breeder to make all decisions on where to meet, which airline to fly with, and how the puppy will travel. IF the breeder has provided you a location for flight and they can not get into that airport the breeder has reserved the right to pick the next available airport and will notify you of the changes. Sorry if this is a convenience but just because we are able to pick that airport does not mean we can fly into it that day. It all goes by if they have a pet friendly flight at the moment and have the room. If you want to cancel the sale you may but all payments are nonrefundable because you have changed your mind not to go thru the sale not the breeder. 

Diann Kocher/Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/KPPK LCC has reserved the right to deny the sale.


If the buyer backs out of the sale before or during the transportation, if transportation cost is applicable/deposit/Square processing fees, cost of the puppy, and any monies paid to breeder, Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/Diann Kocher/KPPK LLC, are all non-refundable. Diann Kocher/Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/KPPK LLC have reserved the right NOT to have our vet perform any surgeries on your puppy.


We are breeders not a professional stud service. This service will not be available


None is offered


I have a Nanny service that I can contact them but its all due to availability. We can pick a date but you have to be prepared for it to change in a moment due to these flights are a stand by flight. You must be prepared for any other day to receive your puppy. The Nanny will make the decisions where to meet not you as the new owner of the puppy.  Nanny services are AWAYS MUCH HIGHER PRICE. than going thru Cargo. My prices are normally thru Cargo not thru a Nanny service.

If there are any disputes they are NOT handle thru Square. ALL disputes will go thru me, however, no disputes are allowed. 

Anything to do with Square rules and regulations if I have to use PayPal they will follow the same rules and regulations as Square.

Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/ breeder Diann Kocher has the right to modify, edit, delete or change terms, conditions, and/or prices at given time with or without notice.