Inclement Weather


If the puppy can not fly for any reason due to any type of weather, I have reserved the right to change to ground at the same price as flight. NO difference in my price between rates of flying and when going thru ground. Going ground you will meet the driver at their time and their location. This is out of my control. If the weather does not permit the flight, I the breeder has reserved the right to reschedule the flight to a day when the breeder can bring the puppy to the airport. Unfortunately the new owner will not have say with the new date for flight, they must be flexible. Price for flight will include a crate however ground does not have room for a crate. There will be NO refunds for not receiving a crate.

Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/KPPK LLC/ breeder Diann Kocher has the right to modify, edit, delete or change terms, conditions, and/or prices at given time with or without notice.