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Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels is dedicated to selling healthy, beautiful Pembroke Welsh corgi puppies. I am small home based breeder in Missouri. My family started raising puppies back in 1978 when we moved from South Dakota to Missouri. As a young child, I helped out with all the puppy chores and grew up living on a farm of 120 acres. I was surrounded by many animals. At the age of 10 years old I joined 4H and showed our American Eskimos. When my children were old enough to join 4H they showed our Shetland Sheep Dogs. My family has been around breeding dogs for many years. In 2013 I found our love which is Corgis. In 2016 I started to do genetic testing on our breeders. I am always striving to improve the bloodlines, however, no matter of the outcome of the results I love ALL our babies. I now reside out in the country on 5 acres located in Southwest Missouri. I am working on our breeding barn. When finished it will be a heated/air condition building. The runs are made out of concrete with shade over them. My breeders are AKC registered. Once a year my adult breeders receives an inject able Kennel cough vaccine to prevent any Kennel cough being in our kennel they are also given a 4 way vaccine with Lepto to make sure they do not come in contact with this disease. They also receive their rabies vaccine.

I also promote genetic testing on our adults if need to. My males are registered with AKC with their DNA on file. My corgi puppies are raised in my home with lots of one on one attention. From day one they are in my home. Due to diseases that come from outside, I keep our babies inside till they have received their proper vaccines. Corgis love to run and play, they must have room to roam. I release our babies between the ages of 8-10 weeks of age. At that time they will be weaned, eating dry puppy food and drinking from a water bowl on their own. They are only used to a water bowl so please keep that in mind when buying things for your new baby.

They will be very socialized with other dogs, cats, and humans. When they are flown, I will send the AKC paper with them. I provide the airlines with the original health certificate and they should provide that to you then. I will make copies of the health paper and the vaccine record which you will receive on flight. If we meet in person, you will receive the AKC paper, original health paper, and a copy of the vaccine record. The vet health certification is for the puppy to aboard the flight or to travel thru ground or with us. Our vet will issue one prior to leaving us.  Please review our post on vaccines given. Our babies go for a litter check between the ages of 6-8  weeks old. They then return for a health check when they are getting ready to leave my home. Vet health inspections certificates are only good for 10 days unless you are going to Canada then it’s less. See Canada for their rules for bringing over a puppy fr om the USA. Our babies will not leave our home till they have a vet’s health certificate and our vet will not provide one till they are 8 weeks and older so please do not ask for one of my babies under 8 weeks of age. Our vet checks their ears, eyes, heart, knees, testicles, and hernias. There are NO refunds of any given time for any reason. We will only offer an exchange for health (hernia and testicles are not a part of health for exchanges) BEFORE the puppy is transported or under our 48 health hour rule. See 48 hour post what our terms and conditions are, 48 hours starts as soon as you received the puppy.

These are pet quality companion puppies and our contract states that. We prefer  not sell as Full registration for breeders or show. I used to offer to sell our babies with Full registration but I am no longer allowing this. If I do it’s only at my discretion and my choice. If I ever decided to then the price is much higher than pet with absolutely NO guarantees on breeding or showing. My terms and conditions for a FULL registration sale is not posted, if I do decided then I will provide it to the buyer. With that being said please remember I only prefer to sell as PETS ONLY.

To hold one of our puppies without joining our list a $100.00 add $5.00 for processing fees nonrefundable deposit is required thru Square.  At the moment we do not sell nor transport our babies to Hawaii or Puerto Rico due to regulations/quarantines. We love new owners keeping in touch with pictures either via email, Facebook, or text.

Please keep in mind that there is no warranty that your male puppy’s testicles will have ever descended or will not have an hernia.  A recommendation by the breeder for a neuter or spayed process is to be paid by the new owner not the breeder if your vet recommends for a neuter due to the testicles did not descend at a proper age, a hernia was found, or your female needs to be spayed.  These are sold as pets with a recommendation by the breeder to have your pet spayed or neuter.

Due to high demands, I do operate off of a  PAID waiting list.  

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