Photos & Videos Terms & Conditions


I understand that this is an exciting time for all of us when you are waiting for your puppy, however I am not a studio. I will provide photos or a video IF I have the time to do them, not at your request. This takes valuable time away from taking care of them along with all my others I have to do. When taking a simple snap shot it is not as easy as you may think. It can take me maybe 5 minutes or up to an hour all depends on the puppy’s corporation with me. Some of the photos may turn out blurry when taken and if that is all I can send please do not ask for me to take a better one because I will not. Again I understand this is an exciting time but if you ask I will refer you back to my contract and will tell you no but if I can get a snap shot then I will try. To many people have asked and have ruined for other people so I am staying strict to this, no more asking for extra photos or a video, only when I have the time to send one when I can. Also the last two weeks prior to you receiving your puppy I am extremely busy with getting them ready. You may message me for questions but absolutely no photos or videos. You will see them soon enough. There is a lot of time goes into taking care of these babies and photos/videos is not a priority, sorry if this makes anyone upset but these are my rules.

Thank you,
Diann K
Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels