Meeting In Person

Meeting in Person:

FULL payment is due when meeting IN PERSON, IF FULL payment is not presented to the breeder, the breeder will return back home and the purchaser WILL be responsible for boarding fees and return turn trip charge at ANY amount the breeder feels they need to charge for, this amount is determine by the breeder. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE, NONE! NO EXCUSES.


What I ask of when meeting in person along with NO entrance to our property:

We will not meet at my home due to safety of my family. We will meet where I have picked for us to meet in a local place. You will be given Germx for your hands before you handle the puppy. You WILL NOT be allowed to bring your pets to meet our puppies to look at. If there is a family pet in your vehicle, I will stop the meeting and we will reschedule another time to meet. You will be advised of this before we meet of my rules. I am VERY STRICT on this and I will uphold this rule, NO EXCEPTIONS. Also NO CHILDREN are allowed to hold the puppy till the puppy has been FULLY purchased and you are taking the puppy home. They are welcome to pet the puppy in your arms but that is all they can do. I have seen to many puppies get drop by accident. You have not purchased this puppy only inquiring so these are my rules. Even if you have made the nonrefundable deposit or full payment and the puppy is not leaving with you when we meet, I still will not allow no one else to hold the puppy but the person who is on the contract only. If you drop or any of your family or friends who are with you, you, the person who I was in contact with for this meeting will be responsible 100% for any vet’s expenses.

Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/ breeder Diann Kocher has the right to modify, edit, delete or change terms, conditions, and/or prices at given time with or without notice.