Waiting List Terms & Conditions


To JOIN our PAID waiting list you must also fill out and submit a questionnaire. Please go to this link KPPK Questionnaire Form for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi

How the waiting list nonrefundable deposits WORKS:

You will be required to put down a nonrefundable deposit of $100.00 plus $5.00 to process the payment. Fees are not deducted from any prices given. There is a fee to process all payments.

At picking time which is between 2-3 weeks old when eyes open you are required to put down a nonrefundable deposit of $300.00 plus $15.00 to process the payment. If no nonrefundable deposit is received at any given time at picking time this will be consider as a pass towards your 6 litters and the puppy you picked will be forfeited to the next available person to pick from. If the puppy is still available when you do make your nonrefundable deposit then you may have your original choice. If the puppy is NOT available because you did not pay and kept on promising to pay you may either pick from what is left or wait till next one. If you wait it will be consider a pass.
The processing fees DO NOT go towards the balance of the cost of the puppy. Those are extra fees you pay.
The balance will be determine if there is a flight involved verses picking up or us having to travel.

My PET SALES are a RECOMMENDATION spayed and neuter contract. These are consider to be a PET sale. If you receive a puppy that needs to be neuter or have a hernia repaired or even to have it spayed, you are hear by notified that you the new owner will be responsible 100% of the bill NOT the breeder.  The vet issued health inspections are for flight ONLY. They are written out prior to flight. If meeting in public in Missouri they will not come with a health paper but our puppies will be vet checked. It is not to make sure the testicles are down or if there is a hernia. That is your responsibility for repairs and removals not the breeder.  Again this is a PET SALE and I will not guarantee that the testicles will be found on the exam or if NO hernia will not be found. These are things that can happen in a puppy and they are unpredictable. I have been speaking to vets and finding out that they need to be at least 4 to 7 months to have these types of surgeries. Even if this is deemed medically necessary, you will be responsible for all vet expenses knowing you purchased this as a Pet/Limited. If you state to me your were not aware of this that you are 100% responsible, I will refer you to my website. Please refer to my Terms and Conditions. To receive your AKC paper I have set forth some new rules, please review that section of spayed and neutering. 

Here at Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels I have established a preferred a waiting list in which I guarantee you a puppy in the order your NONREFUNDABLE deposit has been received, not when you have inquired on a joining the waiting list for a puppy. This guarantee means I will provide you with the first litter that I have chosen to offer you, once I have offer you a litter my guarantee has been filled.  My guarantee is to offer a corgi puppy, my guarantee is filled when I have sent you a notification when they are born. My guarantee is NOT by color, genetics, or a certain look of puppy. I use my messages as my notification dates as a time stamp when I have offered you your first litter to chose from same with any other notifications for communication.  Every thing is documented and I go by my form of communication so if you do not receive my message due to error, I do apologized but I will send it either thru text, message on Facebook, or email, sometimes I will call.  This is how I document if there are no responses from you in the time frame set forth stated below. 

There is a limit of only having up to 6 litters to pick your puppy from what I will offered you. Please keep in mind 6 litters can be in a one month offered to you OR take up to one year for picking.  If your contract has expired due to you refusing to pick a puppy out of any of the 6 litters I have offered you then your deposit for the waiting list is nonrefundable along with any payments made to breeder. If you wish to re purchase the waiting list again, you will have to re sign a new contract, pay another nonrefundable deposit and the original puppy price that is on your contract for the first litter picked will not be honored,  the new contract will be at my price that I will state to you.  Your previous deposit will not be put towards your new re joining the list. You are a number on the list not by sex, color, or genetics.

Communication is a must. Notices for picking will be sent out twice, if no response from you by the second notice I will go onto the next person and come back to you to let you know what is left or if you will have to wait till the next litter for picking due to no response from you. This will be consider as a pass and will lessen your chances of picking up to 6 litters. This is for any communication whether it’s picking out a puppy or letting you know they are close to being born, all communication is a must.




If you are wanting a certain color, genetics, or a certain look and I do not have one out of the litter that I have offered you, this will be consider as a pass and you will be placed in another list. My guarantee is to offer a corgi puppy, my guarantee is filled when I have sent you a notification when they are available.  My guarantee is NOT by color, genetics, or a certain look of the puppy.  My lists are not by color, genetics, or certain looks but as a number which you have signed up on.  Please remember the contracts are only good for up to 6 litters.  You may leave the list but your waiting list nonrefundable is as stated NONREFUNDABLE.


If you let me know during ANY time whether it is when I am sending you a notification they will be available or when it’s picking time that you are wanting to pass due to any reasons this will be consider as a pass. You will be moved over to the next litter.  When the next litter is available is when I will let you know. Also by passing you have one less litter to pick from.  


After you have advised me which puppy you have chosen then I will send you an invoice for the nonrefundable deposit. NONREFUNDABLE deposit to be paid by the date stated on the invoice thru Square after picking your puppy.  If you do not pay the NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT by the date stated in the invoice for Square after picking your puppy then this puppy will be consider NOT your puppy.  Not paying the deposit on time will result in the puppy will be re placed for sale and you will be moved to the next list.  You will be moved to another list and will have up to 5 more litters to pick from.  You are only on the list for up to 6 litters, any thing after 6 litters, all and any nonrefundable deposits are just that nonrefundable.


You may notify me that you no longer wish to be on the list for any reason. I will document our conversations and your NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT will not be applied towards another contract due to you stated you wished to not purchase or you wish to leave the waiting list.  NOR will it be applied to any future purchase. Your Waiting List NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT is only for the ORIGINAL contract. Once you have stated you wish to leave the list and to be removed, I will remove your name and the NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT will stay as that: NONREFUNDABLE.


NO contracts of any kind are sent out before any nonrefundable deposits are ever paid, if you wish to see what the contract may contain, please read thru these terms and conditions for the waiting list.  


Transportation cost is NOT included in the puppy price. That will be determine at the time they will fly or be transported.


If you are wanting a baby later in the year then I suggest that you contact me back at a later date or if you are wanting a certain baby to watch to see which ones I have posted or to contact me back to see what may be available.


For the safety of my family and my babies, I do not allow any entrance on my place. My place is an control environment and I have seen lately that a breeder had their babies stolen after someone was on their property looking at their babies. If you are not comfortable with my rules then I will let you know that you will need to seek another breeder even after you have paid the nonrefundable deposit to join.  If you do not like my rules after you have paid, then that is fine but the nonrefundable is just that nonrefundable. These are my rules for my safety of my family and my babies.


To honor prices must be at the time that its first discussed. Contacting me later and wanting me to hold to that price will not be honored. Deposit must be made to honor the price which flight or travel is not included in the quote.

Breeder’s rights:

We, Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/Diann Kocher/KPPK LLC, have reserved the right to pick any puppy male/female first for our business or personal puppy. The list will begin once we have chosen our puppy. Males, we reserved the right to wait till they are of age to make sure the testicles drop if we are wishing to keep one back for ourselves. Once we have chosen our puppy as a male breeder we will contact the buyers who were wanting a male. Please remember this can take up to 5-6 weeks or longer all depends on the developing of the testicles of the puppy to pick which male due to we have to make sure the testicles have dropped. We Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/Diann Kocher/KPPK LLC has reserved the right to post on my Facebook at Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels on how they look and how many is born. I will still post updates on them. We have reserved the right to advertise at any given time. We also reserved the right to place any dollar amount on our puppies for sale. We, Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/Diann Kocher/KPPK LLC, are no longer testing our babies for DM, just our future breeders. NOTE: On males our vet can usually tell by the time they reach between 3-4 weeks, we are just playing it safe by stating 5-6 weeks of age if it happens to be a male we, Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/Diann Kocher/KPPK LLC, are interested in. We, Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/Diann Kocher/KPPK LLC, have reserved the right not test them for DM at your request if you ask us to test before you buy. We go off of parent testing when asked what they may be. You may test them after you receive them. We will provide you what the parents testing results are and you can go by the chart of what they may or may not be. There are no refunds or exchanges if you test them and it’s not the results you were wishing for. Educate yourself before you ever buy a puppy from any bred is the best advice I can ever provide you with.


Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/Diann Kocher has reserved the right to test or not to test our babies. I go off of parent testing when asked what they may be, you can also go by the chart of what they may or may not be. You may purchase a wisdom panel for your own knowledge. You may test them after you receive your puppy. There are no refunds or exchanges if you test them and it’s not the results you were wishing for.

If you are wanting a DM Clear or certain color or certain genetics, I suggest you to not to join but to contact me to see if I have any because the list is only for a short time frame and I offer babies as I have them not for certain genetics or certain colors. I do not have a list for certain genetics, certain colors, or for certain sexes.

If you are wanting a DM Clear I will tell you which breeders will produce this but I will not re test the babies even if you offer to pay for a test.
This contract is between breeder Diann Kocher/Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/KPPK LLC and customer.


My contracts are a RECOMMENDED spaying and neutering which only the new owner will pay for all these expense NOT the breeder. These are sold as pets. To receive your AKC litter paper you will have to follow the terms and conditions for the spaying or neutering by the time frame I have set forth. That information will be in the Purchase contract or you may view it on under the terms and conditions section.



At picking time I will only send you two photos, please do not ask for certain views or more photos, I will refuse to send them. These are babies. As they get older I will take them as I have time. You may request photos but they will only be taken when I have the time to take them. I know your excited but this is a breeding facility not a studio.


VIDEOS WILL BE POSTED NOW AND THEN ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE AT KPPK “AKA” KOCHER’S PRECIOUS PUPPIES KENNELS. Please visit my Facebook. I will post them as I have time to do so, not by request.


You may purchase them thru AKC.


What information I require to contact you in a timely manner:

Current phone number, Current email, and if you have Facebook messenger. If you change your phone number or email and you do not contact me with this change this can void our contract for the Waiting list OR the Purchase Contract and your deposit and any other funds paid can be forfeited. I need to be in contact with you in a timely manner and if your information changes I will not be able to reach you causing either you missing a sale in a puppy or forfeiting your turn or can even be a removal on the list or deny the sale. If this were to happen, Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/Diann Kocher/KPPK LLC has reserved the right to keep moving you to the next litter till 6 litters are up for picking. ALL nonrefundable deposits/payments are forfeited if never used. Breeder has reserved the right to keep all nonrefundable deposits/payments at any given time.


That is your choice if you wish to pass and I will understand. When passing please remember this will put you on the other list until you have pick. The next litters offer may or may not  be at a different price each time.  This is at breeder’s discretion on pricing.  Please remember you only have up to 6 litters to pick from the first litter that I have offered you. After you have passed or not picked your puppy after 6 litters that have been offered any funds that you have paid will not be honored towards a future puppy or be allowed to be transferred over to another new list. The joining fee will not be transferable or be refunded because it’s ALL NONREFUNDABLE.


At a young age we do not know the temperament of them and we do not know what they are going to be like, they are puppies. Please do not ask because we will not be able to tell you and unfortunately we will not wait for you to make your decision on temperament or how they are behaving. If you choose to wait on this to develop that is fine but I will have to move onto the next person and your name will be placed as the last person to pick from that litter in question. If there are no puppies left in that litter that you were waiting on for them to develop their temperaments or behaviors then you will be moved to the next list, you may or may not stay at your placement also when you pass the contract price in your contract will be null and void and a new price may be in placed. I will not be able to tell you the new price till the next litter that I have offered you have been born.


If we have a litter or a female/male and they pass prior to you being able to pick from, you understand this is out of the breeder’s control and you will have to wait till the following litter to be born for your picking. You will still stay on the list till one is picked from. Your nonrefundable waiting list deposit will still be honored. If your puppy becomes ill at any given time after you have made the nonrefundable deposit before you have received your puppy, the same terms and conditions are to apply to your puppy that are noted in my note section under Warranty, Terms, and Conditions for replacing a puppy.


NO changing is allowed after picking, only if my vet states there is a health issue prior to you getting your puppy from me.


Sometimes we have to replace a puppy, we hope we never have to but it can happen. Replacement puppies will come first before the people who are on a list. Replacement puppies will take place at any given age. We reserved the right to pick from puppies at any given age.


We should have no less than 3 litters a year and up to 6 or more a year. We average between 4-8 puppies a litter.

Refer to my Terms and Conditions, Breeder’s rights, Health warranties, 48 hour rule for all the rest.


ALL DEPOSITS,  ANY PAYMENTS, TRANSPORTATION COSTS, FEES PAID TO SQUARE.  If you do not pick by your 6th litter then you have lost all your deposits and payments paid to the breeder.

NO DISPUTES THRU SQUARE ARE ALLOWED.  By making a deposit you have agreed to my terms and conditions either in this contract or on my website at Kocherscorgis.com.

Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/ breeder Diann Kocher has the right to modify, edit, delete or change terms, conditions, and/or prices at given time with or without notice. We also have to right to refuse any offer or sale at any given time. We are not responsible for any errors in the posts.